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I am a research scientist in the Berens lab at Tübingen University. I am interested in unsupervised learning, in particular manifold learning and dimensionality reduction for 2D visualization of biological datasets. At the moment I am mostly working with single-cell RNA-seq data coming from the brain.


In the winter semester 2020/21 I was teaching an introductory course on machine learning (Machine Learning I) for MSc students in neuroscience.


Recent papers

Recent papers are listed below, grouped by topics. I am only listing [co-]first/last author papers here; see my Google Scholar page for the complete list. Most papers are open access; for the ones that are not I provide PDFs. Twitter icons link to the respective Twitter threads (tweeprints).

t-SNE and all that

Statistical methods for transcriptomic and multi-omic data analysis

Machine learning & statistical theory

Patch-seq data analysis

+ Election forensics

+ Excess mortality forensics

Previous work and education

In 2013–2016 I was a postdoc in the Machens lab at Champalimaud Institute in Lisbon, working on statistical analysis of electrophyisological population recordings from the cortex.

In 2007–2012 I did my PhD in the Mehring lab, initially at Freiburg University and later at Imperial College London, working on computational motor control.

In 2000–2007 I studied computer science (BSc) and theoretical physics (MSc) in St. Petersburg University.

Before that, I attended St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium #610. I was part-time teaching there computer science and physics in 2002–2006 while studying in university. In 2004, together with a friend, I made a website that is still online (with minor changes).

Last updated: September 8, 2021